International Union of Railways

The International Union of Railways (UIC) is the worldwide professional association representing the railway sector and promoting rail transport. UIC leads an innovative and dynamic sector, helping members find continuing success and opportunities. Members are invited to take a proactive role in the UIC working groups and assemblies where the railways’ position on regional/worldwide issues is shaped.

  • TO PROMOTE RAIL TRANSPORT at world level with the objective of optimally meeting current and future challenges of mobility and sustainable development
  • TO PROMOTE INTEROPERABILITY, create new world standards for railways (including common standards with other transport modes)
  • TO DEVELOP AND FACILITATE all forms of international cooperation among Members, facilitate the sharing of best practices (benchmarking)
  • TO SUPPORT MEMBERS in their efforts to develop new business and new areas of activities
  • TO PROPOSE NEW WAYS to improve technical and environmental performance of rail transport, improve competitiveness, reduce costs

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The Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran (RAI) is the subset of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation of I. R. of Iran. Currently, RAI has 9864 km of rail lines, 4565 km of which had been constructed before and 5660 km after the Revolution. And for the time being, further 7500 km of rail lines is under construction and based on the Vision 2025 the length of the rail lines in Iran must reach up to 25000 km.

  • TO CREATE A MODERN, progressive and efficient rail transport system for passengers, freight and the entire railway.
  • TO ACHIEVE THE HIGHEST rail transit share in the entire region comparing with the other transit routes in Iran.
  • TO ACHIEVE MANAGEMENT development and unique technologies at a global level.
  • TO HAVE MAXIMUM USE of the rail related international organizations.
  • TO BECOME AN ISSUER of rail management knowledge.


ITE Group

At ITE, we specialise in producing high quality trade exhibitions around the world, where policy-makers, technical experts and senior business executives can directly communicate and gain invaluable insights. We unite buyers and specifiers with global suppliers of all sizes.

  • TO EXCEL as one of the world’s leading organisers of international trade exhibitions and conferences, currently organizing 240 exhibitions and conferences worldwide
  • TO DELIVER COMPELLING, INFORMATIONAL EVENTS in growing and developing markets
  • TO ASSIST IN CONNECTING energy & transport businesses to stakeholders in emerging markets